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Correlation between Astronaut name and Apollo mission

Perhaps we’ve finally worked out Deke Slayton’s method for choosing the Apollo crews, basing it on alphabetical order…

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Math(s) can be confusing…

I meet a man walking down the street, who I know has two children. He introduces me to his son, what is the probability that his other child is a girl?

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Standard Deviation in IDL

The built in IDL standard deviation function in IDL, STDDEV, uses the moment function which treats the standard deviation as a sample, rather than a population. A short programme can give us both options. 

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Standard Deviation of Noise in TV Viewing Figures

As discussed in my last post we found that ‘the standard deviation of the noise in viewers is about 20% of the range of viewers’ for Grey’s Anatomy. I wanted to see if a similar figure was true for other … Continue reading

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Graphical Analysis of Grey’s Anatomy Viewing Figures

I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy which I’ve been enjoying. However a friend of mine told me that the later episodes are not as good. So I thought I would have a look if the viewing figures reflected this.   … Continue reading

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Velocity Required for Loop the Loop

Chris (@chris2306) got asked how fast you would need to be going to complete a loop the loop. This is what we got. 

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Largest Known Prime Number

We have a new largest known prime number! So here is an obligatory post about prime numbers.  

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It’s Snowing Outside!

I’m sitting in my office, at home, watching the snow falling outside and it got me thinking…. 

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The Crawshaw Method (for Quadratics)

Something all GCSE maths students (and above) need to know, and something that a large number of people use everyday, is how to factorize quadratic equations. However I’m amazed how few people know a decent (and easy) way of doing this! 

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1 = 2

Many people have seen “proofs” that 1 = 2. However most of them have an obvious fallacy – a division by 0.

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