The Crawshaw Method (for Quadratics)

Something all GCSE maths students (and above) need to know, and something that a large number of people use everyday, is how to factorize quadratic equations. However I’m amazed how few people know a decent (and easy) way of doing this! 


A Short History of Nearly Everything – Some Corrections

I have just finished the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. There were a couple of mistakes that I noticed (and perhaps others that I did not! – and of course by ‘noticed’ I mean didn’t believe the numbers and so checked them out […]

Google Feature, Internet

Google Chrome Extensions

Internet browsers are of fundamental importance to surfing the internet, you are using one right now! There are many debates about which browser is the best, and at some point I hope to write my own, I use Google Chrome and want to talk about my top 19 Google Chrome extensions. Extensions which will improve […]


YouTube-dl Fix

On Linux it is very easy to download a video from YouTube from a terminal. I’m sure many of you already use the program, youtube-dl. If not you can install it with sudo apt-get install youtube-dl.


Time to Replace Spotify?

Today Spotify announced that it is cutting its free service to just 10 hours of music a month, and you can only listen to the same song 5 times a month. Even worse, this is going to affect ALL free users to the service, not just new ones. What to do?