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Goodbye Google Reader

As we say goodbye to one of my favourite Google features it is time to find a replacement.    

It seems most people are switching over to Feedly, which I’ve tried out, but it just isn’t for me. Perhaps for people who actually used the main Google reader homepage to browse through their feeds this is the right thing. But for me I basically just used the Chrome extension to get notifications when there was a new post, and use that to go straight to that post.

Well I think there is something that replaces that exactly. Step up, RSS Feed Reader. This is a Chrome extension which you can install quick and easily. Now we can just import all our Google Reader feeds (without having to go and find them all).

Head over to the Google Takeaway and you can download your Google reader files (it will come down as a zip file). Once it has downloaded, unzip the folder and inside you should find a ‘subscriptions.xml’ file. Then when you click on the RSS Feed Reader icon you are going to import this file, and hey presto there are all your feeds!

You then get notifications when you have unread posts, and you can also easily add new feeds right from the extension. For me this is the ideal replacement for Google Reader.

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