HTC Camera Quality

This quick blog is to talk about the quality of the HTC Magic camera. The magic comes with 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera and I took the above picture from the roof of the Physics building at the University of Birmingham just after the sun had set. Although the colours are not quite as vivid as they were in reality I think you’ll agree the picture quality is still pretty good.

The main problem with the HTC Magic camera is the lack of a flash, it means that photos in low level light really do not come out, and it is no good for that. Other than that the camera is very good and I think you will generally enjoy it. So if the worry of camera quality is stopping you getting the phone, do not fear! There are also a number of apps that you can download for the camera, that add a lot of features which the basic camera app is missing. These three photos were taken with SnapPhotoPro. 

The first of the two photos below was taken through a 4.5″ refractor telescope and the second was taken outside on quite a sunny day. Click the pictures for a larger version.

Moon using HTC Camera

London with HTC Camera

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