Spotify on Linux

I’m sure you have heard of Spotify, it currently has over 7 million users and is great for music lovers, but not so great for musicians!
Up to now Linux users have had to install Spotify under Wine (PlayOnLinux comes with a nice simple script that will download and install it) which works excellently, but now there is a Linux version!

At the moment there is only a debian package, and it is a ‘preview’ and as such you need to be a premium user to use it (if you’re not, trust me it is worth the £5 a month) and so this will only work on certain linux operating systems. The following instructions are for Ubuntu. First we need to add a line to the list of
repos (replace gedit with your favourite text editor), so first we need to open source.list:

Now add to the bottom of that:

Then save and close source.list. Finally we run an update and install spotify:

And that’s it, Spotify installed on your Debian based machine!

If you have trouble with this, or don’t use a Debian based machine, then as I said at the start you can install Spotify using Wine.

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