About Me

Hi, my name is Sean Elvidge and I am a Lecturer in Space Environment in the Space Environment and Radio Engineering (SERENE) Group at the University of Birmingham. Day to day I am interested in using/creating novel mathematical techniques for better modelling of the ionosphere and thermosphere (regions of the Earth’s upper atmosphere), space weather events and statistical techniques for combining data. I was selected for the inaugural Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Science & Healthcare category.

I did my postgraduate and undergraduate degrees also at the University of Birmingham. My Ph.D was on the topic of ionospheric and thermospheric modelling and is available online (‘On the Use of Multi-Model Ensembles for Ionospheric and Thermospheric Characterisation’). I received a first class master of science honours degree in mathematics in 2011. My mathematical interests are primarily in statistics, number theory, geometry and group theory.

I am also an amateur astronomer, and since my first year at University I have been an active member of the University Astronomical Society. I was formerly a Council member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS) and have worked with BBC Learning as part of Stargazing LIVE.

I’m passionate about communicating science with the general public and give talks to over 1,000 people a year. From primary school age students to subject experts. For more details please visit my  Outreach & Talks page.

– Sean