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Google Earth: Historical Imagery

Google have recently added historical imagery to Google Earth and this is a very cool feature. Follow this link to see a short video about it.

If you watch the video on the link above you will see what this feature
can do. However, the video still doesn’t do this feature justice. To
see its true brilliance try going to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
Now, clicking the historical imagery button will bring up the box with
the various dates. You should now notice that you can choose December
1935 (before the Second World War) and December 1945 (after the War).
This gives a quite an insight into the devastation the war caused and
Warsaw is not the only city this works for, there are over 35 towns and
cities that this is available for.

If, for some unknown reason, you don’t have Google Earth
installed on your computer, I highly recommend it. You can do a lot of
very cool things with it, apart from exploring the Earth, you can
explore the oceans, the Moon, Mars, stars and galaxies in the heavens.
A real must. You can download it here.

The new historical imagery feature is very enlightening, and perhaps
will serve to remind us all how devastating war has and can be. I hope
you go and have a play with it.

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