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Control your Computer with Gmote

Gmote is a great Android application to turn your phone into a remote control for your computer. You can use it as a touchpad (which I think is the most useful) or you can use it as a media control. Playing music or videos on either the computer (via its own media player) or on your phone. What’s great is that you can install it, easily, on Windows, Mac OS or Ubuntu.

First you need to install Gmote on your phone (can do this via the Market on your phone or by clicking this link).

Next you need to download the Gmote server on your computer, go to Then download the correct version, on either Windows or Mac OS you can then just install it in the usual way. Although it is just as easy (or maybe even easier) to install this on Ubuntu, there are just a couple of things I would do to make life easier.

First we need to extract the downloaded folder, cd into the folder you downloaded it into and then use:

You can then run gmote by running the script “”, however to speed this up (and to make your system a bit tidier) we first move the extracted folder to the home folder, and hide it. Obviously you can call the folder whatever you want, and move it to wherever you want. But if you do remember to modify the scripts we use later on accordingly.

Then we add a scrpt to /usr/bin/ so that simply typing ‘gmote’ into a terminal will run Gmote. So create a new document, called gmote, and copy the following lines into it:

Then you need to make this executable,

And finally move it to /usr/bin

Job done! Now just type gmote into a terminal to run Gmote and set it up!

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