‘Ejector’ Tray App

A lot of people (especially recent Ubuntu installers) wish there was an easy way to eject a USB from the computer in which Ubuntu is installed. On Windows there is a simple ‘Safely Remove’ application in the tray. The point of this post is to install one on Ubuntu!


The program is called ‘ejecter’ (note this is the correct spelling). First we need to add a Personal Package Archive (or PPA), update and then install the program. Nice and simple. First we add the PPA:


Then we install ejecter,

This will install the application and run it on start up. However you will need to logout and log back in to get it to work in this session. Then you’re done, everytime you plug a USB into the computer an ‘eject’ icon will appear in the tray, and you will be able to use this to quickly, and easily, eject it.

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