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As I mentioned on my post about installing Spotify on a Debian based Linux machine, that if you don’t run a Debian based machine then you can install Spotify using Wine, or PlayOnLinux.

In this post I will explain how to install PlayOnLinux, and how to use it. First visit the PlayOnLinux homepage. Now click ‘I’d like to download PlayOnLinux’ and then follow the link to the ‘download page’.

Now, from here you can select your particular flavour of Linux and follow the instructions to download and install PlayOnLinux. On Fedora you download a .rpm file which you treat in the following way. First install the rpm (by double clicking the icon) or using the terminal command, with the current version:

And then install PlayOnLinux by:

Then once this is completed we are ready to use PlayOnLinux.

Run playonlinux for the first time by typing into a terminal:

It will first check and download for updates. We can then go and install a number of different Microsoft Windows programmes. PlayOnLinux is mostly used for gaming, but in this example we will install Spotify. As this is a lot easier than downloading the Sptofiy.exe and installing using Wine.

Click the ‘Install’ button and the list of programmes that can be installed with PlayonLinux are now avaliable to browse. Take time in the future to look through this list, for now just type Spotify into the search box. You should see Spotify appear in the main window, click on it and then click ‘Apply’.

Then you can follow the install instructions, by clicking Forward. During the process PlayOnLinux will download the Spotify installer and do the whole process. Finally, it is quite common that if you do not configure wine properly you will get no sound through Spotify. However not to worry this is really easy to fix.

Select Spotify on the install program list and then click ‘Configure this application’, then ‘Forward’, make sure ‘Configure wine’ is selected and then Forward again. In the window which appears, click the audio tab. If an error message appears just click okay, and then check the box next to the ‘PulseAudio Driver’. Then ‘Apply’ and ‘Okay’. Cancel the other open window and we are done!

We can now open Spotify in a number of different ways. From the PlayOnLinux screen we can select ‘Spotify’ and then click ‘Run’. Or, if during the install process, you selected to place a shortcut on the Desktop or in the Menu you can click on either of these to launch the program.

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