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Number of days until first Premier League manager sacking

I’ll get straight to the point, on average the first Premier League manager is sacked after 77 days.

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Rooney Most Capped Outfield Player – updated data

About a year ago I wrote a post examining the data when Rooney become England’s highest ever goal scorer. Now he has become the most capped outfield player I thought I should update the stats.

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Relegated Stadia from the Premier League

From the Premier League this season (2015/16) Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Norwich City were relegated. This represents the largest capacity of stadia relegated from the division since only 3 teams were relegated (a total of 122,331). This post contains … Continue reading

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Rooney Scores 50 goals for England – the data

So Wayne Rooney (I assume in the future it will be Sir Wayne) has broken the England goal scoring record with 50 goals. A lot of discussion has therefore been about if he is the greatest English attacker of all … Continue reading

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