COVID-19 and Virtual Quizzes

It is pretty easy to tell what the UK has been upto during the coronavirus lockdown, virtual pub quizzes!  Obviously the scale of the two units, Google search hits (as a fraction of the most hits) and COVID-19 are very different. So I’ve taken a simple Z-transform to plot the data on the same scale. […]


Number of Unique Song Choices on Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs celebrates its 75th birthday today, and today’s guest is David Beckham. Beckham will pick 8 song choices to take away with him on a desert island. What I wondered was, will all of his song choices have been picked by guests previously? With over 3,000 episodes there are going to be a lot […]

Google Feature, Internet

Google Chrome Extensions

Internet browsers are of fundamental importance to surfing the internet, you are using one right now! There are many debates about which browser is the best, and at some point I hope to write my own, I use Google Chrome and want to talk about my top 19 Google Chrome extensions. Extensions which will improve […]


Time to Replace Spotify?

Today Spotify announced that it is cutting its free service to just 10 hours of music a month, and you can only listen to the same song 5 times a month. Even worse, this is going to affect ALL free users to the service, not just new ones. What to do?