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Installing TIE-GCM on Ubuntu using gfortran

This is a very specific post, most people will want to skip over it entirely. It is about how to install the ionosphere/thermosphere model TIE-GCM on Ubuntu computers using gfortran.

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Unblock IP address from connecting via SSH

I manage a small cluster at work and occasionally students get their IP address banned by entering the wrong password when logging into the cluster. I don’t fix the problem often enough to remember how to do it, so I … Continue reading

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Passwordless SSH on CentOS

The CentOS wiki page misses out a crucial step in setting up passwordless SSH.

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Rescan Wireless Networks on Ubuntu

Sometimes I can’t find wireless networks which I know exist (on Ubuntu 16.04). Forcing the wireless interface to rescan fixes the problem. 

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Delete large number of jobs with SGE

Sometimes I accidentally add lots of jobs to our SGE queue and want a quick way to delete them.

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Install G77 on Ubuntu >=14.04

In 2012 I wrote how to install G77 on Ubuntu >=9.04. However that approach no longer works (yet that particular blog posts gets lots of hits because of a link from stackoverflow). So here are some updated instructions which work … Continue reading

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How to Install the Edimax AC600 Wireless Driver for the Raspberry Pi

I use an Edimax AC600 series USB wireless device for my raspberry pi on Raspbian. Here is the easy way to install the driver for it. 

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Safe Reboot of Locked Linux Machine

Sometimes your Linux machine will lock up, it just happens. But before you reach for the reset button try and use the magic SysRq key combination to try and perform a safe reboot.

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Quick way to remove X Server for running a headless server

I use my Raspberry Pi as a headless server so do not need anything that relies on X11, this is a quick way to get rid of everything that depends on X11 to save some space.

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Making files and folders lowercase

Very occasionally I want to make all the files and folders of a particular directory lowercase (usually when porting an existing directory structure from Windows to Linux) this is how I do it. 

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