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Last week Google took away the ability to change the background on their homepage. I want it back… 

I’m not sure of the reasons why Google took this feature away, but luckily it is very easy, with the help of a Chrome app, to bring it back!

The app is: Background Image for Google Home 

Once the app is downloaded and installed the options page will be opened in a new tab (you can also get to this screen from the Google homepage – the link in the bottom left of ‘Choose a background image’ will be returned!). You are then presented with 3 main options to give the app an image to set as the Google Home background, either ‘Image URL’, ‘Imgur’ or ‘Flickr’.

I personally think the ‘Image URL’ option is the easiest way to set the background image – I usually use an image from a Picasa Web album so the link is easy to get.

I hope this helps you bring back your background image!

This is my background – from the Notre-Dame de Montréal Basilica. A really beautiful building in Montreal, Canada.

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