Maths on a Mug

Maths on a Mug #1

For Christmas I got one of those chalkboard mugs. Following the suggestion of someone in the office I wrote a maths equation on it, and tweeted it. Now I can’t stop. The only problem is a mug isn’t really a lot of space so I’ve been writing very little on the mug. Leaving the interested reader to find out more if they want. Only problem is, a lot of people don’t “get” what I’ve written on the mug. So I thought I would start writing a very short explanation post for the maths on the mug, with links to where you can find out more.

This one is easy to describe, it is simply, in my opinion (and many others!) the most beautiful equation. Thankfully the BBC have very recently run a story about it, so that saves me doing any explanation:

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