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Install G77 on Ubuntu >= 9.04

It is possible that you still need to install g77 to compile a Fortran program on your latest version of Ubuntu, but it isn’t the repositories!! Don’t worry, it is easy.

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Batch Process in Bash

I make this entry (at 0230) because Joe just asked me how to do it, hence someone else in the world might also want to do it. The quest is, to do something to a large group of files in … Continue reading

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Install Compiz on Linux

Compiz is very popular on Linux, and you can do some really nice things with it to enhance the look of your desktop.

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10 Linux Programs

Earlier I had a quick think, and there are 10 linux programs which I can’t live without. So, I thought I would post a quick blog to make sure you know about their existence.

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Install and Use PlayOnLinux

As I mentioned on my post about installing Spotify on a Debian based Linux machine, that if you don’t run a Debian based machine then you can install Spotify using Wine, or PlayOnLinux.

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How to Download iPlayer Programs with Linux

Since the BBC launched their iPlayer it has been a massive success. What puts it way above the ITV and C4 player is its ability to download programmes to watch offline. Which you can obviously do using the iPlayer Desktop … Continue reading

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Google Linux Search

If you don’t use linux then this post is probably of no use to you (unless you plan to swap OS). If you do use linux then I’m sure you will have often spent time searching the internet for information … Continue reading

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Spotify on Linux

I’m sure you have heard of Spotify, it currently has over 7 million users and is great for music lovers, but not so great for musicians! Up to now Linux users have had to install Spotify under Wine (PlayOnLinux comes … Continue reading

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