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Installing TIE-GCM on Ubuntu using gfortran

This is a very specific post, most people will want to skip over it entirely. It is about how to install the ionosphere/thermosphere model TIE-GCM on Ubuntu computers using gfortran.

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Unblock IP address from connecting via SSH

I manage a small cluster at work and occasionally students get their IP address banned by entering the wrong password when logging into the cluster. I don’t fix the problem often enough to remember how to do it, so I … Continue reading

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Install G77 on Ubuntu >=14.04

In 2012 I wrote how to install G77 on Ubuntu >=9.04. However that approach no longer works (yet that particular blog posts gets lots of hits because of a link from stackoverflow). So here are some updated instructions which work … Continue reading

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Install G77 on Ubuntu >= 9.04

It is possible that you still need to install g77 to compile a Fortran program on your latest version of Ubuntu, but it isn’t the repositories!! Don’t worry, it is easy.

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‘Ejector’ Tray App

A lot of people (especially recent Ubuntu installers) wish there was an easy way to eject a USB from the computer in which Ubuntu is installed. On Windows there is a simple ‘Safely Remove’ application in the tray. The point … Continue reading

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