How to Download iPlayer Programs with Linux

Since the BBC launched their iPlayer it has been a massive success. What puts it way above the ITV and C4 player is its ability to download programmes to watch offline. Which you can obviously do using the iPlayer Desktop program. However these downloaded videos can only be used within iPlayer Desktop and you can’t […]

Google Feature, Linux

Google Linux Search

If you don’t use linux then this post is probably of no use to you (unless you plan to swap OS). If you do use linux then I’m sure you will have often spent time searching the internet for information about installing a program, for a terminal commmand or for something else to do with […]


Spotify on Linux

I’m sure you have heard of Spotify, it currently has over 7 million users and is great for music lovers, but not so great for musicians! Up to now Linux users have had to install Spotify under Wine (PlayOnLinux comes with a nice simple script that will download and install it) which works excellently, but […]


HTC Camera Quality

This quick blog is to talk about the quality of the HTC Magic camera. The magic comes with 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera and I took the above picture from the roof of the Physics building at the University of Birmingham just after the sun had set. Although the colours are not quite as vivid as […]

Google Feature

Google News Archive Search

I am constantly astounded by the number of services that Google provide yet people have no idea about. The one in question today is ‘Google News Archive Search‘. I think what this does is pretty evident from the title, but nonetheless I will briefly explain it.


35 Great Android Apps

I know that there is already a vast number of blogs and websites dedicated to great Android applications, but I wanted to add my own list!I’m sure quite a lot of these will be repeated on other sites but I hope you find the following useful, if you click on the name of the application […]