YouTube-dl Fix

On Linux it is very easy to download a video from YouTube from a terminal. I’m sure many of you already use the program, youtube-dl. If not you can install it with sudo apt-get install youtube-dl.

However, recently YouTube changed the way some of its code works and you may find that youtube-dl no longer works. So you will need a replacement script to fix this!

You can get the new script by clicking on the following link (either copy and paste it into a file called youtube-dl, or you can right click the link and click Save As).

Then you will need to delete the old script (which can be found in /usr/bin/youtube-dl), then copy the new script there and make it executable. From the directory where you downloaded the new script run in a terminal:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/youtube-dl

And job done! You will once again be able to download youtube videos from the terminal (if you don’t recall, to use the basic feature, just copy and paste the url of the YouTube video and then in a terminal type: youtube-dl…..)

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