Tweak Firefox

It is really easy to change the advanced settings in Firefox, modifying how it works. In the address bar type: about:config When you hit enter you will get the ‘here be dragons’ warning, click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’ and then we can continue.

Google Feature

Google Reader

Just a quick blog post about one of the most useful websites around, and one I check in excess of 5 times a day (and that isn’t some form of social network), that is Google Reader. Google reader simply reads Atom and RSS feeds and collects them all in one place.

Google Feature

Control your Computer with Gmote

Gmote is a great Android application to turn your phone into a remote control for your computer. You can use it as a touchpad (which I think is the most useful) or you can use it as a media control. Playing music or videos on either the computer (via its own media player) or on […]


‘Ejector’ Tray App

A lot of people (especially recent Ubuntu installers) wish there was an easy way to eject a USB from the computer in which Ubuntu is installed. On Windows there is a simple ‘Safely Remove’ application in the tray. The point of this post is to install one on Ubuntu!


Batch Process in Bash

I make this entry (at 0230) because Joe just asked me how to do it, hence someone else in the world might also want to do it. The quest is, to do something to a large group of files in linux. For example convert a folder of wma files to mp3’s (for this example you […]


GAP: A System for Computational Discrete Algebra

GAP (Groups, Algorithms, Programming) is a program for computational discrete algebra, which is particularly useful for computational group theory. It is a text based computer system which includes a large number of functions that implement various algebraic algorithms. A vast number of these are with regards to groups, using the program you can find the […]


God’s Number is 20

The Rubik Cube was invented by one Erno Rubik in 1974 and has gone one to be one of the most popular puzzles in the world, having sold over 350 million units worldwide, even though many people can not solve one! Although perhaps that isn’t overly surprising given the vast number of possible positions that […]


Hilbert’s Hotel

David Hilbert was a greatly influential mathematician born in 1862. He worked in a variety of areas including infinite sets and it is in this area that he presented his ‘Hotel’, or his ‘paradox of the Grand Hotel’. Which makes the reader consider the infinite. So lets give it a go: