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Standard Deviation of Noise in TV Viewing Figures

As discussed in my last post we found that ‘the standard deviation of the noise in viewers is about 20% of the range of viewers’ for Grey’s Anatomy. I wanted to see if a similar figure was true for other … Continue reading

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Graphical Analysis of Grey’s Anatomy Viewing Figures

I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy which I’ve been enjoying. However a friend of mine told me that the later episodes are not as good. So I thought I would have a look if the viewing figures reflected this.   … Continue reading

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Switching Column Letters to Numbers in Excel

I was using a spreadsheet package earlier (hang on, this isn’t the BBC, I was using Microsoft Office Excel, other packages are available) and I wanted to find a specific column number. Not knowing off hand what the 100th letter … Continue reading

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Septentrio Receiver – Out of Geofence

A quick post, in a very small topic area. But one – that as far as I can tell – isn’t on the internet anywhere. That is if a Septentrio Receiver gives an ‘Out of Geofence’ status error.

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Tweak Firefox

It is really easy to change the advanced settings in Firefox, modifying how it works. In the address bar type: about:config When you hit enter you will get the ‘here be dragons’ warning, click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’ and … Continue reading

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