Quick way to remove X Server for running a headless server

I use my Raspberry Pi as a headless server so do not need anything that relies on X11, this is a quick way to get rid of everything that depends on X11 to save some space. Continue reading

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How far is 1 astronomical unit (AU)?

An astronomical unit (AU) is a commonly used unit in astronomy, but what exactly is its value?

Continue reading

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Making files and folders lowercase

Very occasionally I want to make all the files and folders of a particular directory lowercase (usually when porting an existing directory structure from Windows to Linux) this is how I do it.  Continue reading

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Math(s) can be confusing…

I meet a man walking down the street, who I know has two children. He introduces me to his son, what is the probability that his other child is a girl? Continue reading

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Goodbye Google Reader

As we say goodbye to one of my favourite Google features it is time to find a replacement.     Continue reading

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Standard Deviation in IDL

The built in IDL standard deviation function in IDL, STDDEV, uses the moment function which treats the standard deviation as a sample, rather than a population. A short programme can give us both options.  Continue reading

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Standard Deviation of Noise in TV Viewing Figures

As discussed in my last post we found that ‘the standard deviation of the noise in viewers is about 20% of the range of viewers’ for Grey’s Anatomy. I wanted to see if a similar figure was true for other TV shows.      Continue reading

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Graphical Analysis of Grey’s Anatomy Viewing Figures

I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy which I’ve been enjoying. However a friend of mine told me that the later episodes are not as good. So I thought I would have a look if the viewing figures reflected this.     Continue reading

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Google Map Maker UK

Since last Thursday Google’s excellent Map Maker has been made available for UK users.     Continue reading

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Inactive Account Manager

Are you leaving a digital will? On Thursday Google announced a new feature called ‘Inactive Account Manager‘, described first in the Google Public Policy Blog.     Continue reading

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