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Install G77 on Ubuntu >=14.04

In 2012 I wrote how to install G77 on Ubuntu >=9.04. However that approach no longer works (yet that particular blog posts gets lots of hits because of a link from stackoverflow). So here are some updated instructions which work … Continue reading

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How to Install the Edimax AC600 Wireless Driver for the Raspberry Pi

I use an Edimax AC600 series USB wireless device for my raspberry pi on Raspbian. Here is the easy way to install the driver for it. 

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Number of Unique Song Choices on Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs celebrates its 75th birthday today, and today’s guest is David Beckham. Beckham will pick 8 song choices to take away with him on a desert island. What I wondered was, will all of his song choices have been … Continue reading

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Maths on a Mug #16

#mathsonamug — Sean Elvidge (@seanelvidge) November 17, 2016 Perhaps a “simple” #mathsonthemug this time. Simple, but very important. This is Bayes’ theorem: \[P(A|B) = \frac{P(B|A)P(A)}{P(B)}.\] This relates the probability of observing \(A\) given that \(B\) is true where \(A\) … Continue reading

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Dealing with WordPress Security Issues

Recently another WordPress site that I manage has had a lot of malware issues.

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Maths on a Mug #15

#mathsonamug #maths #newpoundcoin — Sean Elvidge (@seanelvidge) November 4, 2016 Keeping with the theme of yesterdays blog post about the new pound coin and shapes of constant diameter here is a nice little result known as Barbier’s theorem. Simply, it … Continue reading

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New Pound Coin

Anyone who knows me / has been lucky (!) enough to have been on a maths or physics course taught by me will know how I like to moan about the mathematics of the new pound coin…

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Number of days until first Premier League manager sacking

I’ll get straight to the point, on average the first Premier League manager is sacked after 77 days.

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Rooney Most Capped Outfield Player – updated data

About a year ago I wrote a post examining the data when Rooney become England’s highest ever goal scorer. Now he has become the most capped outfield player I thought I should update the stats.

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Relegated Stadia from the Premier League

From the Premier League this season (2015/16) Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Norwich City were relegated. This represents the largest capacity of stadia relegated from the division since only 3 teams were relegated (a total of 122,331). This post contains … Continue reading

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